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Faithful Fundraising

October 2016

This blog was written by guest-blogger, Erin Mackey. Knock… knock… knock. I stood anxiously waiting for my neighbors, Mr. Al and Ms. Lisa, to open their front door. As the doorknob turned I could feel my face turning a deep shade of scarlet and my palms becoming moist. The door opened and Mr. Al stood…

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Why Not? Solidarity, the Baltimore Orioles and Baseball!

August 2016

This blog was written by guest-blogger, Ted Miles. On August 20, Catholic Relief Services and Baltimore’s beloved baseball team, the Orioles, will join together to fight hunger through a CRS Helping Hands event. As exciting as this is, my first reaction to this news was “How odd!” Yet, the more I thought about it, the…

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The Body of Christ in Atlanta

July 2016

This story was written by guest blogger, Kathy Montag. The gong sounded loudly, opening, in a real sense, a holy door in this Year of Mercy. Only those who passed through weren’t reverent or prayerful.  They whooped and hollered with great joy and anticipation.  With its 2016 theme, “Be Merciful as Your Father is Merciful,”…

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