Helping Hands – Let the Music Lead You

May 2018

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”  — Plato

Music. Almost all of us are passionate about it. Music is a huge part of our lives,from our families, to our celebrations, to our liturgy. Here at Helping Hands, there is no one we have ever talked to about an an event without hearing them say: “the music was so much fun.”  And it is true! I have personally witnessed the packaging of over one million meals and have seen families, congregations, youth groups etc. sing every lyric to Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” more times than I can count. From grandparents to little kids – music unites us. It is safe to say, music at a meal packaging event is as important and as engaging as the music we play at our wedding.

For those of you who like to pre-plan all the details of your event here are three simple tips to get you started.

One: Mainstream music tips: we have created a music playlist especially for your event. While most Rise Against Hunger Staff should have access to it you can also find it on spotify here: Helping Hands Music Playlist. This playlist has been vetted by our staff and should be suitable for all audiences.

Two: Get your youth or young adult groups involved! Praise and Worship is a huge part of these groups meetings and they probably already have a list of songs they know and would love to have at their event.

Three: Bring your parishes music minister into the planning. Does your church have a thriving music ministry? Ask your music minister to put together a playlist that your congregation responds to.

Whatever you choose and however you put together your meal packaging play list, know this, the only way you can go wrong is if you leave it out! So get ready to turn up the volume and hear the chorus of voices sing away as they pack meals and spread love and life into every package.





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