Need Resources for Your Event? We’ve Got Them!

May 2018


Nearly everyone who holds a Helping Hands event asks the same question; do you have resources for meal packaging? Event coordinators are looking for event promo resources, videos, prayer resources, and more and the answer to your question is yes! We’ve got resources for you. In this short piece you will find all the links you need to quickly access everything you need.

Promotional Resources


From bulletin inserts and an advocacy guide to social media posts and beautiful full color posters, find our promotional resources here: Helping Hands Promotional Resources

From our promo resources, our advocacy guide is particularly helpful in creating momentum around your event. By inviting local leaders to attend you allow them to meet their constituents and share with them what matters to you. Many communities also allow their leaders a platform to speak about the issue of hunger both at home and abroad and this provides your group with a longterm outlook on how you can continue the fight against hunger and poverty through policy.


Pray and Learn

Why is hunger an issue that’s important to us as a people of faith? Why should our community be involved and stay involved? With our prayers and activities, you can help your community go deeper into the issue and see that we are called as the Body of Christ to take care of our brothers and sisters all over the world.


Our prayers and reflections discuss what it is to have a lack of water, food, a home, family stability, work and more: Helping Hands Prayers and Reflections




Stations of the Cross and More

CRS Rice Bowl has created many resources that fit in perfectly with our event. We know a community that shares a simple meal and prays the Stations of the Cross the week after their Helping Hands event. It is their way of being in solidarity with the people of Burkina Faso who will receive the meals they have assembled. Resources for the Stations, the Sorrows of Mary and Rice Bowl Meals are here: CRS Rice Bowl Resources





What could be more impactful than your community seeing the faces of those we serve in Burkina, or seeing what an event looks like (the joy, the fun, the giving)? Our videos are short and easily played at a parish during mass, before an event start or even sent as a link to all of your participants.


Our video library: Helping Hands Video Library


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